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Subway Surfers has been around for some time now, yet regardless it stays at the highest point of the App Store outlines, and it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why. It’s an addictive diversion, and like any unending sprinter title out there, you will continually need to beat your high score inevitably.

Subway Surfers mod requires you to control your endless runner, Jake.  It is actually quite simple at the beginning with you having to dodge some basic obstacles while running.

Obviously, the diversion gets more troublesome the more remote you go, as approaching trains to get speedier and more obstructions to create the impression that you need to rapidly evade. Nonetheless, in case you’re resolved about beating that high score that you’re experiencing difficulty getting to, here are some Subway Surfers tips and traps that you should experiment with. This Subway Surfers mod will help you in getting the high score that you want.

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Finish Missions for a Higher Score

You could simply play Subway Surfers and have a ton of fun doing it without having any objectives and such, however finishing missions can get you a higher score at last.

Missions comprise of different objectives that you’re entrusted to finish and when you finish every one of them, you’ll get a score multiplier that will enable you to accomplish your high score. Missions incorporate things like grabbing a specific number of extraordinary things or even simply something as straightforward as hopping a specific number of times.

You Can Escape A Jump And Keep On Running

One neat thing about Subway Surfers is that the range of trick moves you can pull off — it is not about figurative design points here, however! A number of those moves are absolutely practical, like swiping to leave a leap in midair and keep running. This is a great trick to pull off in case you were not able to time your leap correctly, or if you foresee yourself creating an embarrassing landing, or one which does not seem so great whatsoever. Moreover, you may swipe right or left while in midair to change management — that is another way to fix yourself in the sport.

Do Your Runs On Your Trains And Stay There

Rather than running on the floor, it is a better choice to run onto the trains rather; remaining on the floor increases the possibility of being struck by an obstruction, or worse, with a speeding train. You may, nevertheless, have to remain there, so better use the trick we told you — changing directions while leaping.

Do not Waste Your Own Keys

If you have been caught or have lost subway surfers in one manner or another, you may use your keys so that you can keep on playing. But do not make the mistake of working with those keys over and over again in a hurry; you might not understand it, but you can wind up out of keys quicker than you predicted. Bear in mind that the number of keys necessary to last increases every time you crash; it increases in proportion every time.

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