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There a couple of things about subway surfers apk that you might not have across yet. The thing it is possible that you are very new to the entire game and its concept or it is also true that you have been playing the game for a while now but still have no idea about subway surfers apk. Conversely, it is also true that you have some idea about subway surfers apk but you are still not sure how to go about it. Now don’t worry for all of these scenarios, we have got you completely covered. I am going to talk about subway surfers apk in detail today so that no one of you has any doubts or confusions left.

The endless runner game, subway surfers, was developed a couple of years ago. The very basic premise of the game was the fact there is a protagonist who is a young boy and is constantly on the run. The boy, called Jake in an illegal activity that is graffiti on the walls of public spaces. Although some people might deem graffiti as being one of the forms of art and self-expression, it is believed to be an act that ruins the sanctity of places and hence is deemed to be illegal. Now that we have established that, we know that our character called Jake is on the run from the police.


Let me tell you a couple of more things about subway surfers apk. A couple of weeks ago, Kiloo introduced an update for the Android and iOS based operating systems for this game that we are talking about, Subway Surfers. According to the programmer, the upgrade permits all of the users that already have downloaded subway surfers apk and the new users going to download subway surfers apk,  to continue the Subway Surfers World Tour in Africa, along with an opportunity to race through the gorgeous cliff landscapes of Kenya. It is not just about the new game play and theme that have come with the subway surfers apk but there have been new additions to the game too. For example, one of the other interesting additions to subway surfers apk is the introduction of super mystery boxes that could help you in earning new and exciting rewards, while the glistening protects on the paths that could make you earn awards for your weekly search. There is also a new personality, a new Masai woman called Zuri – who could join the present three personalities Jake, Tricky, and Fresh. In terms of the game itself, the fundamental assumption is that you are grinding trains in your hoverboard, among other things, and seeking to escape the match antagonists, the “grumpy inspector” along with his pet dog.

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