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You might have observed at various points while going through this website that I have discussed the basic theme of the game, the story, characters and also all of the basic tips and cheats for winning Subway Surfers. Although I have covered all of the basics and the cheats for subway surfers which will help you in doing fairly well at the game, you will eventually need subway surfers hack apk if you want to really win the game. And by winning the game here, I mean winning Subway Surfers real time using all of the below-mentioned steps in my well-researched version of subway surfers hack apk. So following are the steps that you can do in order to utilize my tried and tested subway surfers hack apk. I assure you, you will not be disappointed. That is because I have to spend a lot of time in researching these hacks and they actually work. Okay so let us cut to the chase and get right down to it now.


Discover the Advanced Moves

First thing is first. You have to experiment and explore with the game a bit. I have already covered some of the very basic steps and how to master them in some of the other sections in this website. But there is actually much more to it. There are a few motions in Subway Surfers a whole lot of players do not realize.  You might think that running and sliding are some of the most amazing moves of this game. Or you might even think that it’s possible to jump high but that’s it. But what you may not realize is that it is possible that you jump as high as you want and then you can also swipe left or right to move left or right in midair, for starters.  You might even cut a hop brief by swiping in mid-jump.  This is a great method to fill out the jump assignments, in addition to correcting an error you might have made to prevent barriers.


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 Perform With Two Fingers

Now these subway surfers hack apk is actually quite dependent on your personal preference. What happens is that at first, you might not even give a second thought to the number of fingers that you will be using to play your games. If it concerns the cutting edge mechanic, there are a number of players that prefer to use one finger and many others that are more comfortable using one finger on the left side and one finger on the right side. There is no actual guideline and it all depends on you — select whichever fashion suits you the very best. But if you are having trouble with a single finger, then why not try two? By way of instance, you may use your finger to move straight and also do special tricks, both of them can be done simultaneously. You can using one of your fingers to swipe up for a jump and then the other finger to swipe right or left to make use of the advanced moves that I just talked about above.

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