Subway Surfers Hack

As I established in the very beginning, the biggest hack in winning subway surfers is definitely staying alive. Think of it this way, the chief objective of subway surfers is to remain alive as long as you possibly can.  Therefore, any suggestions and tips to succeed in the game, without resorting to cheating or hacks, concentrate on this field. So basically in this section, I am going to go over some hacks that will eventually lead you to obtain your chief objective of staying alive for as long as possible. Below are some straightforward tips about the best way best to stay alive long enough for Subway Surfers hack to stand up some big scores and challenge your buddies. The biggest Subway Surfers hack that I am going to tell you focuses on the fact that you need to use different objects in the game that will actually help you in staying alive for possibly more than you ever imagined.


Utilize the Hoverboard

You will obviously collect a reasonable few Hoverboards in your own runs in Subway Surfers.  If you end up doing especially well on a run, then you need to use as many of them as essential to prolong your survival.  As for me, I found it something of a diversion to need to double-tap the display each moment, and of course how you might not pay as much attention as possible when you didn’t have the need of double tapping on the screen every few moments. But I think in the long run, using a hoverboard is definitely a very good choice. I think using a hoverboard is also much faster than you would have been as the graffiti boy running around and jumping over the train game plays. Also, as I mentioned it can be easier to manoeuvre a hoverboard to avoid the kind of obstacles that require you to jump up and slide through to avoid getting a hit and eventually being caught by the inspector and the guard dog.


Update Your Power-Ups

The second hack which also makes use of the objects and the different options that you have available while playing subway surfers are the power-ups. While you are running around and jumping over the trains and the obstacles, please don’t forget to collect objects like coins, keys and power-ups. Now staying alive might be the primary objective that you have in this game but for that you also need to score a lot of points and for that you will be needing a good amount of rewards that you have collected on your way. Now there are different kinds of power-ups that you can collect and they have their own unique benefits. But regardless of that, please collect all of them and use them in their own way. In this hack, however, I will be talking about a single power-up which has the ability to significantly prolong your life. The power-ups in Subway Surfers hacks are an excellent gift when they come together.  My personal favorite is that the Jetpack because it requires you to fly over the stadium at good speed which is something I have always wanted to do. Not only is it really enjoyable to use it also offers you the benefit of not getting struck by any barriers.  Additionally, you make points the entire time that you are using it, hence, prolonging the period of time it continues is a fantastic idea.

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